Company Principles


I have been fat shamed!

Yes, I have been fat shamed and there was nothing believe me I wouldn’t do to be able to turn back the time and think for a moment then that all  was so inconsequential. I wanted to be able to tell each one of them that even though I was trapped in a fat body my soul yearned to be with them at work, play and even at parties. I was ostracized or maybe I never could muster up enough courage to come forward and try to convince everyone to accept me the way I was.

Yes, I was different:

I was too chubby for kids my age and even though I could see that it could not and should not have stopped me from belonging I was too conscious of myself.

This is a place for such kids:
Growing up, I fantasized a place where people were friendly to everyone, irrespective of their colour, religion or size!
I didn’t have anything of that sort unfortunately but I thought that since I was someone who would have liked to why not create a place like that for others.
Welcome to my paradise!
Here, we do not shame people who look different. There is love and there is camaraderie and lots of fun. You can be yourself and be the happiest here. There is so much to do here and for everyone from every age. It is “the feel good” place! There is everything that you want to be able to do. Read books, checked; spa, yes; games, yes of course and so much more!! Drop in today and never stop coming back. Hope to see you soon!!!