Here is my experience with the magic diet pill


My childhood:
I have always been a chubby kid. So, while my parents always referred to me as healthy in the positive sense it was obvious to me that I was quite overweight. And that was for no apparent fault with their upbringing or my habits. The fact is that my parents and then theirs were all on the slightly heavier side and so the gene factor needs to be blamed, if at all.

But growing up in my time was difficult:
Yes, I must admit that I had a tough time growing up because the problems that I faced were peculiar to our times of growing up. My parents and my grandparents could never even relate to the kind of bullying and name calling that I was experiencing at school and play. I cocooned and grew up pretty isolated because I realized that I did not fit in because of my size and there was nothing that anyone could do to help me. So, that I belonged.


There was nothing that I wouldn't do!

I ate the healthiest of foods and I exercised three days a week and to beat this I even joined dancing. But the problem was never addressed. There would be days when there would be an encouraging loss of pounds but then the weight would come back inadvertently. The losing bit was so troublesome that it was de-motivating.

The diet fad:

Then, it struck me. When none of the fads worked for me, I realized that there was nothing more than to go for the diet. I researched every diet worth its salt and tried everything from Paleo to Keto. Believe me there is never one thing that works for all. Every body type is different and what kind of diet works for you depends mainly on what kind of type of body you are.

Going under the knife?
I know this may sound extreme but I even deliberated going the surgery route to be able to shed the extra pounds and start looking presentable. The surgery prospect frightened me no end. I gave myself a year's time to mentally prepare myself for the ordeal because it was a big thing for me. Nevertheless in the meantime decide to keep my quest on for that thing which could miraculously get me back in shape.

And then what do I discover?
Only when I am about to call it quits and try to accept the fact that I either go for the costlier option of undergoing surgeries at the risk of having further complications and with a success rate of only forty percent or I contentedly sit down myself with all my extra pounds thinking to myself that this is how the providence wanted it for me.
But something turns up on my browser:



One day, I am simply browsing the internet and suddenly there popped up an advertisement for Garcinia Cambogia weight Loss Pills and I think to myself, some pills that will help reduce weight but of course, I am past all this now. I rather accept. Call it destiny or plain good luck. The advert hooked me and I read it in toto. When I finished, there was this gut instinct that told me maybe I should give this a shot and I did.

Folks, it was only half hearted but just imagine my surprise when it did work! I ordered the pills from an online pharmacy and it reached my doorstep in 36 hours straight. Did it help that the delivery charges were on them!

I was elated but the magic was yet to begin!!

I started the pills and I realized from previous experiences that a combination of two to three approaches always worked and so I started my weight lifting along with a better diet plan.

My folks were surprised to see the changes in three months!

Yes, you read that right. Three months and I was fitting into 35 inches waist jeans from a whopping 46 inches. So, you know the transformation was gradual but it was drastic. I am still on the pills and now after my ideal weight is reached the pills only help me to maintain my weight because, I no longer crave for food.


My stomach organ is back to normal shape and so there are no hunger pangs either. I have shared this story with so many people and all of them have been inspired to take the pill. Let me clarify that I am in no way connected to the sales or the marketing of the pills and I do not claim or receive any kind of commission on their sales.